We have 185 dedicated, hard-working colleagues and an incredible ecosystem of business relationships that help us thrive. And while we have evolved in ways that we never imagined, a few simple truths remain:

  • Our clients rely on our integrity to do what we say we are going to do.
  • We don’t have sales people between our services and our clients.
  • When we are called upon to help, we do our best to find a solution that will meet the demand.
  • We answer our own phones. You can contact any of our directors, senior management team or any colleague.

Our Vision

TopSource will be the credible alternative to the major players for payroll and accounting application and support services in our leading markets.

As the credible alternative to the major players, we will have the scale, the infrastructure, systems, breadth of clients, client loyalty and people to deliver the promised service to each and every client within our target markets.

Our Mission

We will build our business strength and capacity through a mix of organic client growth and acquisitions of businesses (learn more at my-payroll-bureau.co.uk) and we will underpin our services with leading-edge products.

Our products will be able to stand alone and apart, serving the greater market, whilst enhancing our ability to deliver solutions more deeply into our clients’ organisations.

We will strive to deliver the promised service to our clients.

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