About Employment in India

Working Hours

The India work week is 40 hours, with a standard work day of 8 hours. Workers are entitled to 10.5 hours between work days. Work hours should not exceed more than 50 hours per week, or 9 hours per day.

Vacation Leave

Statutory minimum of paid vacation leave in India is 21 mandatory vacation days. We commonly see companies offering the 21 days, but occasionally senior professionals may request more.

Sick Leave

In India employers must provide 6 days of sick leave a year. Some employers provide an unpaid leave for long term medical issues, but this is not mandatory.

Maternity Leave

Female employees are entitled to 26 weeks of maternity leave, the benefit can be availed by women for a period extending up to a maximum eight weeks before the expected delivery date and remaining can be availed childbirth.


Probationary periods are commonly used in India with 1 months being a typical probation timeframe. The maximum initial probation is 1 months, and then the employer can extend the probation for up to an additional 3 months.

Health Insurance Benefits

Health Insurance in India is a mixture of public and private insurance. Some candidates may request an allowance for coverage. We recommend paying a taxable allowance in the amount of US$200 to US$400 a year to cover the cost of a private medical plan if you would like to offer supplementary benefits.


Employees receive 10 paid public holidays. In India, the holidays vary by state (there are 30 different states), religion, and local custom. Therefore, the government does not stipulate what days the employee have to use as a holiday, but rather allows them to allocate the 10 public holidays as they see fit. have different holidays. does not need to be negotiated.

Indian Taxes

By statute, employers in India contribute the following:
• EPF- Employee Provident Fund
• EPS – Employee Pension Scheme (only for government employees).
• EDL- Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme
• Income tax for 2019-2010 ranges based on the employee’s salary.

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