The Payroll Reimbursement module in Portico™ allows employees to update their compensation related claims.

Expense Heads
The module can be set up to classify claims under different heads such as Medical, Fuel, Telephone and Leave Travel Reimbursements.

Claim Process Management
Employees can directly update the claim details (bill amount, date reference, etc.) and upload the bills. These claims are verified with the supporting documents/bills, the company policy in use and the ‘acceptance’ or ‘rejection’ is updated on the claim form. Email alerts are sent through the system informing the employee of the status of the claim.

Various reports are available for the HR / Finance managers to track and monitor claims e.g. Pending Reimbursements, Reimbursement details, Reimbursement Summary

Click here to view the Payroll Reimbursements workflow.


Key features of the Payroll Reimbursements module are:

  • Online storage eliminates physical storage requirements, thus savings costs for the company
  • Email alerts keep employees informed on the status of the claim, significantly reducing queries pre and post payroll
  • Various reports are available to track and monitor claims
  • Employees can see historical data

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