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Our leave management system is a web-based service. It is integrated into our Payroll and HR systems. It:

The Leave management on Portico allows employees to manage their own absences. This module calculates the entitlement for both salaried and hourly-paid employees. The leave record can be linked to the timesheet function in Portico. This allows the system to calculate the leave accruals based on the actual hours worked by employees.

The leave module can be implemented in two ways like Employee self-service and Manage self-service. In Employee Self Service, employees can apply for leave online and view their record with information on leaves availed, accrued and taken along with the annual balances. All applications go through an approval workflow, wherein, the employee’s manager is informed of leave applications via an automatic email generated by the system. Managers can View/Approve/Reject leave applications for their team members and the system generates an automatic email for the action taken. The process completely eliminates paper and reduces your carbon footprint.

  • Enables you to better manage your staff and lower your costs.
  • Provides accurate data on attendance.
  • Enables staff to better manage their lives and expectations.
  • Ensures your payroll will be correct. (This often a source of staff friction.)
  • Allow managers and staff to automate the entire leave management process – greatly reducing paperwork.  It enables:
  1. Managers and staff to view currently available leave balances
  2. Staff to apply for leave
  3. Managers to issue leave approvals
  4. Manages to make adjustments

Our team provides the back end administrative support required to manage and maintain leave policies, updating leave periods and updating leave balances and employee records

You’ll be able to view the entire situation at a glance – and better manage the business. To learn more call us on +91 98231 86598.

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