Securely Working Remotely in India

Payroll outsourcing services in Mumbai and the rest of India have been under a different kind of pressure recently, due to the coronavirus pandemic. This pressure is due to many factors including, changes in salaries because of reduced hours, transport allowances being cut and redundancies. Payroll outsourcing services in Mumbai and India are also having to keep constantly abreast of different government schemes and all updates to employment and payroll laws so they know what applies and therefore what to implement into each company payroll strategy.

With all the changes in legislation that payroll professionals have to keep up with employers have had to keep up with plenty themselves. One of the main shifts that has had to take place in order for business survival is working from home. Working from home has meant an increased engagement in technology for a more pragmatic approach to task completion as well as to ensure that data is protected to the upmost standard.

Technological solutions to secure information sharing has been the top of the list for most employers. A virtual private network (VPN) has been the solution. A VPN works by rerouting the internet connection through it’s own private servers therefore blocking the IP address of the original user this will ensure that all data is encrypted from downloads, to sites visited.  

A VPN is available as a paid service but there are also many free options, this makes it a low cost but super effective security necessity and a great start for all employers who are concerned about maintain their privacy standards whilst working from home. This is something that most payroll outsourcing services in Mumbai already had in place before the lockdown as a precaution.

The sudden shift to remote working also created an opportunity for businesses to implement enterprise resource planning (ERP). ERP is a piece of software that essentially houses all other software under one roof. It will help to streamline all processes from operations, sales and accounting therefore optimising the processes, improving communication between departments and increasing output. ERP also has the added benefit of increasing security proficiency, when all software is in one place any data breach will be much simpler to find and fix and making improvements to protocol and/or changing password will be much easier to apply as a blanket to all prccesse4s when they can all be found in one place.

HR has also been infused with brilliant technological solutions way before the pandemic began as software as a service (SaaS) platforms such as MailChimp, Salesforce and Hubspot have been welcomed in by companies wanting to automate and record management of workforces. HR management will also be able to get invaluable insight into employee behaviour through these incredible tools and should not be overlooked.

Training your workforce on potential cybersecurity threats is a crucial component of working from home securely. Make sure that all employees are aware of all protocol pertaining to data protection, and best practises that have to be carried out in the case of a data breach.

While everyone is working from home, IT departments should be especially focused on potential phishing which is used to steal sensitive data as the conditions for this are ideal when a user is distracted or using personal and work browsers simultaneously. If one mistake is made, such as clicking on a ‘virus protection’ advertisement the repercussions for the data of clients and the company can be huge. So not only checking the sender and reading carefully before opening emails is important but also backing up data in case of any losses.

A simple technological advantage when working from home that so many employers overlook implementing is the insistence of strong passwords for ALL logins. This means that while employees are working remotely they need to make sure that not only the passwords to their work software and laptop are strong but also their passwords to their personal Wi-Fi network.

Right now many businesses are still scrambling to ensure that they are properly protecting not only their business’ data but also any data they may have of their clients. Payroll outsourcing services in Mumbai, like TopSource, have had these practises in place for years and are set up securely to deal with all payroll, employment contracts and tax information for our clients in the most discreet and secure ways possible. Our extensive, tried and tested data security protocol means you’d never have to worry when outsourcing your payroll duties to us.

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